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General information


In order for us to serve you the best way possible, we need to collect and process your personal data. We respect your right to privacy, and we are committed to protect it. This privacy policy contains information on the personal data we collect, the way we process the data in question as well as the rights and influence that you have when it comes to us processing your data.


Advertising Agency Reflex Oy handles personal data in accordance with this privacy policy and applicable legislation, which is why we ask you to read through this privacy policy carefully. We might update the information included in the privacy policy if there are any changes in the legislation or the way we operate, which is why we recommend you visit this site regularly.


By using our services, website, or by contacting us, you give us the right to process your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy. If you don’t agree with these conditions, it’s highly likely that we will fail to provide our services to you.


What is my personal data used for?


We collect, keep, and process your personal data solely for predefined purposes. The data is mainly used for the following:


  • fulfilling contractual obligations
  • fulfilling legal demands and obligations
  • customer communication and responding to contact requests
  • improving our business
  • directing our services to you
  • saving factual and reliable information e.g. for backup


What sort of personal data is collected and through which sources?


We collect your personal data mainly from you through contact requests or use of our services. We also collect data on visitors on our website using Google Analytics to analyze and improve our website and provide relevant marketing for our consumers.

We may receive the following data directly through you:


  • business name and ID
  • phone number and email address for the point of contact
  • title or vocation
  • visiting address and billing address
  • information regarding the device or connection being used (e.g. IP-address, time, browser type, terminal’s operating system, sites visited, the time spent on those sites, location, and which web address the site was accessed through)
  • information collected through cookies
  • any textual data regarding the customer


Other data handled solely through your consent:


  • personal ID
  • gender


Data sources include LinkedIn, Google Analytics, and webforms. Personal data is collected through the registered consumer in connection with the register holder’s customer relations e.g. via phone, web, and events. In addition, we may use names collected through forms of media for customer acquisition.


What are the grounds for processing personal data?


We want to be assured, that we have legal grounds for handling your personal data. We may process your data based on different grounds. We process your personal data in order to execute an agreement and to fulfill our legal obligations. We also process your personal data under our legitimate interest, which includes offering our services, and our business practice and development. Some personal data may be handled through your consent.


Who handles my personal data, and will the data be handed over to a third party?


Your personal data will mainly be handled by our employees while carrying out their work duties. We may outsource the processing of personal data e.g. for recording purposes and information systems used for processing the data. We are assured contractually that your personal data remains confidential and that the data is processed in accordance with the law. We may release your personal data if we are contractually obligated to do so or if required by any public authority. We may disclose personal data during company acquisition or while forming business deals.


Will my personal data be released outside the EU?


The servers running the program are mainly located in EU and ETA countries or in countries located outside the EU and ETA areas, which have adequate data protection in place according to the EU Commission. Data may be transferred to countries outside the EU and ETA in accordance with the data protection laws and grounds for transferring data. The transfer and recording of data will be executed according to legal grounds and adequate protection mechanisms (EU – US Privacy Shield Certificate). Advertising Agency Reflex Oy won’t disclose customer data for direct marketing purposes.


How long will my personal data be stored for?


Your personal data will be stored on our service provider’s servers, which are protected according to general standards. The personal data that we collect and process will be handled with confidentiality and they will solely be disclosed to those performing their work duties or, based on an agreement, to third parties in a confidential and limited manner. Access to your personal data is protected by user-specific usernames, passwords, and access rights.


We protect your personal data by using appropriate technical and organizational protective measures. These measures include e.g. predictive and reactive risk control, by using firewalls, cryptography, and secure device drivers as well as access control and security systems.


Obligation for disclosing data and repercussions for failing to do so


If you refuse to provide us with your personal data or deny us the right to process the data, we will most likely not be able to offer you our services and fulfill the purpose of our business. If you don’t want us to process your data in accordance with this privacy policy, we ask you to not provide us with any data.


Does this website use cookies and if so, what are they?


We use cookies on our website to provide our visitors with the best user experience. The cookies are brief text files, which the server saves on the user’s main unit. The cookies provide us data on how our website is used. We may use cookies to improve our services and website, to analyze the use of the website, and to direct and optimize the marketing. The user of the website can consent to or deny the use of cookies through the browser’s settings. Most browsers agree to these cookies automatically. Please note, that denying the cookies may affect the user experience on our website. For more information on Google’s privacy policy and use of Google Analytics visit:


You can deny Google access to your data and processing your data (cookies, IP-addresses) by downloading and installing an accompanying program to your browser, which you can find here: or by using other prevention systems for monitoring and marketing.


What rights and influence do I have?


Withdrawing your consent

Providing that we use your data in accordance with your consent, you can withdraw your consent at any given time by informing us e.g. by emailing


Access to data

You have the right to receive a confirmation from us regarding our use of your personal data as well as what kind of personal data is being used. In addition, you have the right to receive additional information regarding the grounds for the use of your personal data.


The right to correct errors

You have the right to ask us to resolve any untrue, expired, or inadequate information regarding your personal data.


The right to refuse direct marketing

You can refuse the use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes by emailing


The right to refuse the processing of data

If we are processing your personal data for public or legitimate interest, you have the right to refuse to have your data used when there is no specific notable reason, which supersedes your rights or the processing is not necessary in order to meet legal requirements. Please note, that under these circumstances we will most likely fail to provide our services to you.


The right to limit the processing of data

In certain situations, you are entitled to demand that we limit the use of your personal data.


The right to have data transferred

Provided that we have processed your data according to your consent or the agreement, you have the right to receive the data you have provided us with electronically in the generally used form, in order for the data to be transferred to another service provider.


How can I exercise my rights?


You may exercise the aforementioned rights by contacting us e.g. by emailing We will ask you to provide us with your name, address, and phone number as well as a copy of your passport, driver’s license, or another form of ID for identification purposes.


Can this privacy policy be updated?


We may update the information included in this privacy policy if any changes occur in our business or data protection clauses. Updates may also be required due to legislative changes. The changes will be implemented when an updated version of the privacy policy is released. For this reason, we invite you to read through our privacy policy on a regular basis.


Who do I contact regarding data protection?


Contact information:

Advertising Agency Reflex Oy

Business ID 0700247-1

Satakunnantie 31

20300 Turku



Last updated: 2.9.2020