Digital, print and social media, multi-channel or precision ads, strategic planning and concept creation – we offer all this and more! Our focus is on providing marketing and communications aimed at healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals in addition to consumers and patients.

Our work can be seen in health care centres and pharmacies, industry exhibitions, professional journals, and info pages. Basically, wherever health and pharmaceutical marketing is needed! Naturally, everything is created with the industry-specific ethical guidelines in mind.

Implementation will be determined by your unique, collaboratively specified marketing needs and goals. Together, nothing can stop us!

Impressive and cutting-edge digital services.

  • Websites

  • Animations

  • Digital storytelling

  • Photography

  • Video production

  • UI/UX

Pure joy of creation and design that packs an oomph.

  • Brand management

  • Visual design and strategy

  • Concepts

  • Photography

  • Brand look

  • Packaging design

  • Store materials, POS

Insightful communications with a touch of something more.

  • Content production & copywriting

  • Outsourced medical writing

  • Ethical requirements in the pharmaceutical industry

  • Medical consulting

  • Finding and inserting references

  • Creative concepts

  • Advertising for prescription medicines, over the counter products and supplements

  • Health education

Thorough and committed partnership from the get-go.

  • Consulting

  • Project coordination

  • Statistics and reports

  • Media contacts, partnerships

  • Client contacts

Impressive and cutting-edge digital services.

  • Websites

  • Animations

  • Digital storytelling

  • Photography

  • Video production

  • UI/UX

Aitoa ja puhdasta luomisen iloa sekä suunnittelua, jossa on särmää.

  • Brändinhallinta
  • Visuaaliset ilmeet ja strategiat
  • Konseptit
  • Valokuvaus
  • Brändi-ilmeet
  • Pakkaussuunnittelu
  • Myymälämateriaalit, POS

Näkemyksellistä viestintää syvällisellä kosketuksella.

  • Sisällöntuotanto & copywriting
  • Ulkoistettu medical writing
  • Lääkealan eettinen osaaminen
  • Lääketieteellinen konsultointi
  • Lähdeviitteiden merkintä ja haku
  • Luovat konseptit
  • Reseptilääkkeiden, itsehoitotuotteiden ja ravintolisien mainonta
  • Terveystiedotus

Täsmällistä ja sitoutunutta yhteistyökumppanuutta alusta alkaen.

  • Konsultointi
  • Projektinhallinta
  • Statistiikat ja raportit
  • Mediayhteydet, yhteistyökumppanuudet
  • Asiakasyhteydet

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